Safe Boating Information and Obtaining a Safe Boating Course Card

Save $50 when you obtain your Safe Boating Course Card

Wear It
Safety is your #1 priority for you and your crew out on the water, and getting a head start before your trip is easier than even. As an incentive, Forever Resorts continues to offer a $50 Safe Boating Discount* to houseboat captains who have completed a state approved, NASBLA certified, boating safety course.

Here's the deal:
Bring your state issued Safe Boating Course ID card to the marina when you check in and receive a $50 discount on your houseboat rental. There is only one $50 discount allowed per houseboat rental and the card holder must be the contract signer. (Captain!)

Not certified yet?
If you have not completed a safe boating course yet, it's not too late. You can either complete an in-person or on-line course from your state of residence (see links below), or you have the option to complete a classroom course from the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary or United States Power Squadron.

Forever Resorts continues to offer the $50 Safe Boating Discount to houseboat captains who have completed a state approved, NASBLA certified, boating safety course.

Don't forget your crew!
Many captains also find it handy to have their whole crew review a safety course before their voyage. These courses are a great way to get everyone to start thinking about the trip in advance and you will find that they make for safer boating as well. Many of the online courses are free to review, easy to read, include interesting illustrations and videos, and even offer practice tests free of charge. Some captains have been known to offer bounty for the top score in their crew! (most state courses offer the option to review the course materials for free.)

Here are the discount details:

Check out your state's website for certification details:

Arizona Game and Fish Department boating education page
Arizona online class:

Nevada Department of Wildlife
Note: "Boaters born on or after January 1, 1983 must complete a boater education course, approved by the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators to operate a boat with more than a 15-horsepower motor on Nevada's interstate waters, including Lake Tahoe, Lake Mead, Lake Mohave and Topaz Lake."
Nevada online class:
Nevada online class:

National Safe Boating CouncilUTAH
Utah State Parks boating education info page
Utah online class:
Utah online class:

California Department of Boating and Waterways
The California course cannot be taken online. 
(See the CDBW site for details.)

Missouri State Water Patrol
Note: "Anyone born after January 1, 1984, must successfully complete a boating safety education course to legally operate any vessel on the lakes of Missouri, including personal watercraft."
To receive the $50 discount, the full boating safety course must be completed and certification card presented at check in. 
Missouri online class link:

Coast Guard Boating SafetyTEXAS
Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
Texas online class link:

Additional class links:
United States Coast Guard Auxiliary
United States Power Squadrons

Check out these other fun sites for more water safety tips:

Find out more about WEAR IT!

National Water Safety Congress

The United States Coast Guard - boating safety page

*$50 discount only valid for houseboat rentals at marinas that Forever Resorts has houseboat rentals at. Discount not applicable to other small watercraft rentals (ski boats, PWCs, fishing boats, etc.).


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