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A Beginner's Guide to Houseboats

Fishing and camping often go hand in hand when you're eager to get out of town and head to the lake. If you're not one for camping though, a great alternative to consider is houseboating and enjoy the lake at your leisure. Houseboats are the best way to get away to the lake while keeping all of the amenities of your own home right at your fingertips. If this is your first houseboat trip, read some of our quick tips to get properly prepared before leaving the marina.

Plan Your Meals

Channel your inner chef and plan all meals for your trip. Maybe you are a bit like Chef Ramsey and would like to create a special menu for your trip? Have a clam bake on the shore for an evening and then grill some freshly caught fish the next night. Although if you would like to keep your meals simple and focus more on relaxing throughout your trip, preparing your meals before you leave home will minimize additional cooking.

Grab a cooler and bring a list of the food items you would like to have before you arrive at the marina. Our houseboats come equipped with a large number of great kitchen amenities to provide room for storing, cooking, and grilling food for the entirety of your trip. All Forever Houseboats come equipped with a gas BBQ grill, full-size range stove and oven, microwave, toaster, electric/propane refrigerator, coffee maker, blender, as well as much more. You can find complete lists of kitchen amenities at any of our marina sites by selecting a Houseboat 

Model under Marina Services and Houseboat Rental Information. You can see an example list for a 50' Forever Houseboat at Antelope Point Marina here.

Please take advantage of all of our amenities and plan your meals beforehand. Preparation tricks that go a long way for meals on a houseboat include: breaking, mixing, and freezing eggs in a bag for easy transport; cutting all vegetables beforehand per meal; making meals that can use canned foods, like chili, so it keeps longer and doesn’t spoil as quickly.
Here’s our own sample menu list for a 3-night houseboat stay with 4 adults:

Day #1:

Breakfast - Croissants and Muffins with Fruit Salad
Lunch - Chili with pre-cut vegetables and canned beans
Dinner - Hot Dogs and Hamburgers with Pre-Cut French Fries and Leftover Chili

Day #2:

Breakfast - Pancakes
Lunch - Cold Cut Meat Sandwiches
Dinner - Pork Tenderloin with Pre-Made Potato Salad and Grilled Vegetables

Day #3:

Breakfast - Scrambled Eggs (pre-mix at home) and bacon with fruit
Lunch - Barbecue Chicken
Dinner - Herb and Lemon Roasted Striped Bass

And for dessert? Smores of course!

Grab Water

Too often we only think about tasty refreshments that we may enjoy with a meal or two but still our daily H2O, especially when you are out on the boat. Please stay hydrated and grab a few containers or even a five gallon jug of water to keep on board for the duration of your trip. 

Board Early

Early boarding is not a necessary part of your trip, but it is highly recommended. Add an extra afternoon/evening to your trip and settle down on your boat while it is still in the marina. With your evening to relax, feel free to take a couple of hours to walk around the marina and see what all it has to offer. This is also a great opportunity to talk to ask staff about any questions you may have about your houseboat. Additionally, this time allows you a chance to speak with staff to ensure your ski-boat or other watercraft rentals are all secure before leaving the marina.

Extras to Bring Just in Case

  • Sunscreen – Stay safe with those harmful rays and bring extra sunscreen. Be sure to also apply it on cloudy days as UV rays can still pass through clouds and leave a sunburn.

  • Ice - Ice is available for purchase at all of our marinas.

  • Hiking Boots or Shoes – Take to the shore for an afternoon and explore the terrain.

  • Ski Vests – all marinas have ski vests available for purchase at the marina but don’t hesitate to bring your own

  • Music Players and DVDs – Make sure to keep the party going for the whole trip, bring along your favorite music for the trip and use our cassette/CD stereos that also have a connection for electronic music players as well. As well, if you have children aboard or just feel like relaxing in front of the TV for a night, bring a few DVDs to watch for a few nights.

  • First Aid Kit – all of our Forever Houseboats come equipped with their own first aid kits but be sure to bring additional items such as medicines, bandaids, etc., that may be specialized to a specific guest’s needs.

Planning is crucial to any trip, but we hope that these quick tips will help make your planning easier and help you have a great stay on a houseboat. Always feel free to call any of our marinas if you have additional questions about your trip.


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