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Smile Spotlight: Meet Warren

Category: Employee Spotlight

There are those who like what they do, those who like getting up in the morning, facing the day and making the very best out of their day. Then, there is Warren. Warren is a boat operator at Antelope Point Marina Boat Rentals, specializing in customer relations and experiences at Lake Powell.  From helping assist Houseboat guests, to guided tours around Lake Powell, Warren has become quite an expert.

Bryce Canyon - Now Open For Winter

Category: Property Spotlight

If you’ve ever visited Bryce Canyon before, you know that it’s a truly unique experience with unrivaled scenery and landscape. Forever Resorts is your direct connection to where nature and hospitality meet, providing you the comfort of the Lodge at Bryce Canyon where you get to enjoy the canyon’s fresh air and back drop all within the heart of Utah. However, have you ever thought what it might be like to experience this hospitality year round? Well, you’re in luck, because Forever Resorts is here to announce that for the first time ever, a section of our Bryce Canyon location will be open for the winter. Curious about the details? Here’s what you need to know.

The Three Best Ways to Digress From Technology for the Weekend

Category: Tips

In today’s busy world, technology is all around us and seems to be becoming a bigger part of our lives everyday. Be honest, how many times do you browse Facebook, Twitter or Instagram on a daily basis? I know I do it multiple times a day, even at work (shhh don’t tell my boss). Although more people are getting “plugged in” when when it comes to technology, it’s always a good idea to take a step back and refresh your senses. Need some tips to get started? Here are three ways to achieve this by this weekend!

Product Packing Essentials For Your Outdoor Adventure

Category: Tips

Depending on your destination, what you pack makes a huge difference in how your vacation pans out, and can set the tone for the entire trip. From your toiletries, to skin care products to the vitamins and energy boosters that allow you to conquer the day, these can all make a big difference in how much your enjoy your trip. You might think you have everything you need for your upcoming vacation, but who hasn’t arrived in their hotel room to remember they forgot something home? We’ve all been there, so here’s a product packing list to get you organized and sorted out before embarking on your trip.

Five Ways to make a Houseboat Vacation More Affordable

Category: Tips

So you’re preparing for your houseboat trip and all your fun is already being planned out ahead of time. From the water sports you’ll be enjoying, to just plain old chilling on the top deck of the houseboat, you’re looking to make this vacation a trip to remember. With any vacation, however, it's always a good idea to budget out your trip, so we want to give you a few tips to help make things a little more economical and easy going, just like your vacation will be. So dont sink the ship, here are some money saving tips!

August 2015 - Relax And Enjoy!

Category: Newsletter

Take a look at some swell silver linings on the desert lakes this season"  Watch a great video from CBS about uncovered treasures and history at Lake Mead.  Investigate caves and beaches at Lake Powell, and discover a full lake at Lake Mohave.

May 2015 - The Don't Forget Issue!

Category: Newsletter

Things change during the summer season. Plans change, fleets change, reservations change. Take a look at the possibilities that these changes might make for you and your plans.

More houseboats arrive at Lake Powell just in time for the summer season along with two dozen brand new PWCs. The theme this month is Don't Forget so take a look at tips from the experienced! Happy Houseboating!

March 2015 - Taking Care of Business

Category: Newsletter

Morning Commutes, board Meetings, Family Business, Driving and Morning Traffic are all on board in this month's issue of Waterways!

Take a look at who does the "driving" on a houseboat vacation and learn the secret of the early board. Discover how a small change in the way you pilot the boat can cut your fuel consumption in half and... catch some savings on a 4 day getaway! It's all here in this month's issue!

February 2015 - Getting Connected

Category: Newsletter

It's time to start planning for the upcoming summer season and the big questions still need to be answered:
~Who's coming?
~What should we bring?
~When are we going?
~What should we rent?

The life questions still remain too:
~Are you so connected...
~That you feel disconnected...
~From what's important?

So take a quick read in this month's issue and find the "Right Balance," look into some real "Morning Traffic," and take care of your own "Family Business!" Thanks for reading!