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#MyNatureSelfie: June Recap

Category: National Park Centennial

As August gets closer and closer, we still continue to get more amazing photos submitted to us from all across the country for the #MyNatureSelfie contest. We are so excited to see everyone else getting as geared up for the National Park Service Centennial as we are with all of your #MyNatureSelfie Submissions. This past month, we had one winner who lucked out and not only won for their weekly running, but for the month of June as well. See this month's past winners!

Reboot July 2016

Category: Newsletter

Find out what is going on this month at Forever Resorts in our monthly newsletter Reboot. Everything from Southfork Ranch to Lake Powell stargazing is covered in this month's issue!

5 Things to Know About Southfork Ranch

Category: Property Spotlight

It was the early 1980’s, and I was at home with my family; my homework was done, the family was home, and TV night was here! We didn’t always gather around to watch the same shows, however, this night we always did. Mom and dad got dinner ready while us kids set up the plates, utensils, and napkins on all of our TV trays rather than the dinner table. Everybody was excited for tonight’s line up: The Dukes of Hazard, Webster, and then, the jewel of my parent’s eye, Dallas. Oh the greed, the family squabbles, the fights, it was TV drama at its best!

Reboot June 2016

Category: Newsletter

Find out what has been happening at Forever Resorts this past month with our #MyNatureSelfie Photo contest, the Every Kid in a Park Art Contest hosted by the Lake Mead National Recreation Area, and more!

Smile Spotlight: Jodi Cabigas

Category: Employee Spotlight

At Forever Resorts, we are so proud of the diverse properties we operate, from the wonder of the Grand Canyon, to the beautiful trails at Yellowstone. Helping make each one of our properties great is our amazing team of employees, each with a great story of their own. Without them, we could never help our guests create great memories.

#MyNatureSelfie: May Recap

Category: National Park Centennial

We've seen so many great submissions in the past month to our #MyNatureSelfie Contest and couldn't be happier about the submissions. From Florida to Hawaii to Bryce Canyon, the submissions have come in far and wide. Even if you haven't won yet, thank you all for such great submissions. These winners along with our other submissions from the end of April and all of May will be considered for the grand prize voting in August.

Every Kid in a Park Art Contest

Category: National Park Centennial

The National Park Service is turning 100 this year and they have celebrated with the Every Kid in a Park Art Contest here at Lake Mead! Along with the Clark County School District School-Community Partnership Office and the Lake Mead National Recreation Area, students from the school district were encouraged to create an image that displayed the beautiful park lands of Southern Nevada and the National Park Service’s Every Kid in a Park Centennial theme.

Employment Opportunities: June

Category: Employee Spotlight

We have incredible properties across the United States and we want you to have the opportunity to work at one of them. Check out our featured employment opportunities available in the month of June below.

Staying Safe Around Wildlife

Category: Tips

You may have seen in recent weeks a variety of reports about tourists either harming animals or being harmed by animals at the National Parks, primarily Yellowstone.