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Which Big Bend Hikes to Go On and Which to Avoid

Which Big Bend Hikes to Go On and Which to Avoid

Big Bend National Park quite literally has it all. There are mountains and lush valleys filled with cascading rivers, and there are vast expanses of desert land that feature breathtaking rock formations. For hikers of all skill levels, it is a dream come true. Every trail leads to a completely unique destination within the same national park.

What is There to Do at Big Bend National Park? 

Big Bend National Park is a natural playground for people of all ages. There's so much to do, such as rafting and kayaking, but hiking remains a favorite activity among visitors.

How Many Miles of Hiking Trails are in the Park?

There are more than 150 miles of trails within Big Bend National Park, ranging in intensity and elevation. 

What are the Best Hiking Trails for Beginners?

Even those who are new to hiking will find that there are plenty of safe, gentle trails for them to explore. Some of the top trails for beginners at Big Bend National Park include Window View Trail and Panther Path, both of which are paved trails that can be accessed by wheelchairs.

Which Trails Should be Avoided?

Hikers who are still learning the trails and developing their skills should avoid the more treacherous trails in the park, such as the Hot Springs Historic Trail and the South Rim Trail.

Where is the Highest Point?

Emory Peak is the highest peak in the Chisos Mountain, and also the highest point in Big Bend National Park.

How Many Days You Need to Get the Most Out of Your Big Bend Experience?

If you are planning your first trip to Big Bend National Park, you will want to spend at least three to five days exploring the various trails.

To have a truly perfect trip to Big Bend National Park, you will want to stay at a resort that allows you unparalleled access to the park. Big Bend Resort & Adventures is the best choice for your trip, as this property features a lodge as well as an RV park and campground. 

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