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Our Top 5 Favorite Zion National Park Hikes

For those who travel to the National Parks, hiking is often a favorite activity. The endless miles of trails that wind throughout the National Parks lead to magnificent natural rock formations, breathtaking waterfalls, and incredible vistas. Along the way, hikers often see spectacular views and enjoy personal encounters with the wildlife of the area.

The Zion National Park hikes are no exception. Visitors to this park will not be disappointed by the array of trail options available to them.

How Many Hikes Are Possible at Zion National Park?

The trail system at Zion National Park is extensive, affording hikers plenty of opportunities to explore. There are more than 40 different moderate-level trails at the park.

What Hikes are Open Year-Round?

Unlike many other National Parks around the country, the trails at Zion National Park are open throughout the year. Trail closures are possible, however, and can be unexpected. Hikers should check with the park ranger before they head to a specific trailhead.

Our Top 5 Favorite Zion National Park Hikes

There are so many hikes to choose from at Zion National Park, but at Forever Resorts, these are our favorites:

  • Angels Landing — This is one of the most famous trails in Zion National Park, so it always tops our list. 

  • Weeping Rock — This is an easy trail that leads to an incredible rock formation.

  • Observation Point — This trail is best for experienced hikers, but it leads to one of the top lookouts in the park.

  • Riverside Walk — This is an accessible trail that is wonderful for people of all ages.

  • Canyon Overlook Trail — This is a one-mile trail that is an excellent alternative for hikers who aren't confident in their ability to complete the Observation Point hike.

While everyone will have an opinion on what is the best hike in Zion National Park, nearly every hiker can agree that it's advantageous to stay at a hotel that is located nearby the park's boundaries. Parry Lodge, for example, is located just 30 minutes away in nearby Kanab. After a day spent hiking on the trails, it's a welcome respite for adventurers. To learn more about the best places to stay near Zion National Park, contact Forever Resorts today.


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