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What to Expect When White River Rafting

What to Expect When White River Rafting

The force of a river is astounding, and it's thrilling to conquer that force while white water rafting. There's nothing quite like the mix of fear and joy, particularly as you accomplish this task against the stunning backdrop of a canyon or while enjoying a mountain view. 

If you are planning a white water rafting excursion during your next vacation, here's what you should expect:

What to Bring on Your White Water Rafting Trip

You'll want to know what to bring when packing for your adventure. Here are a few must-have items:

  • Quick-dry clothing. Avoid cotton clothes, because they will get wet and stay wet. This can cause your body temperature to drop while rafting.

  • A hat and sunglasses for protection from UV rays. Make sure both items are properly secured before taking off.

  • Water. Ideally, you will have a water bottle that can be secured to the raft.

  • Sunscreen. It may need to be reapplied as the journey continues.

Understanding the Process of Rafting from Start to Finish

The rafting process actually begins on land. Most rafting tours require participants to take long bus rides to the rafting destination. Make sure to account for this time on your itinerary. Once you are on the raft and the journey begins, it may be a tranquil ride. However, it will quickly become much more thrilling. This is more than a cruise down the river, you are going to be working tirelessly to stay aboard the raft throughout the rapids. You will get wet.

The Physical Impact of White Water Rafting

There are risks involved with white water rafting. Serious injury or death are rare but can occur. Even on a mild journey, you can expect bumps, bruises, soreness, and fatigue.

Across the country, the National Parks provide some of the most spectacular opportunities for white water rafting. For example, if you are staying at the Grand Canyon Lodge North Rim, you can easily book a convenient rafting excursion through the Grand Canyon. Another prime place to go rafting is Grand Teton National Park. If you plan to raft here, book a stay at Signal Mountain Lodge, so you can easily rest in comfort after your big adventure.

For more information on white water rafting in the national parks and the best places to stay nearby, contact Forever Resorts today.


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