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Where to Find the Best Grand Canyon Viewpoints

Grand Canyon Viewpoints

The Grand Canyon is a bucket-list destination for people around the world. Its sheer size is hard to fully comprehend until you are standing in front of it, and even then, it's challenging to grasp the magnitude of the canyon. Many people spend several days exploring Grand Canyon National Park, and they often find themselves searching for the best Grand Canyon viewpoints. 

At various lookout points, the canyon will showcase different formations and colors. The time of day also impacts the view. When you book a stay at the Grand Canyon Lodge North Rim, you can experience the wonder of the canyon from all of its incredible viewpoints. 

Here's where you can find some of the best Grand Canyon viewpoints:

Lipan Point

If you can only visit one lookout point during your visit to the Grand Canyon, Lipan Point may be your best option. From this viewpoint, you can enjoy the sunset over the canyon as well as views of the Colorado River. Also at Lipan Point, you will see an excellent example of the geologic formations that make up the canyon.

Mather Point

Mather Point is a popular spot for tourists. It is located along the South Rim, and from this viewpoint, visitors can see almost a quarter-mile of the canyon. It's a magnificent spot for panoramic shots, and also showcases two of the canyon's most famous pinnacles. To make the most out of your time at this viewpoint, arrive early before the crowds.

Point Imperial

Most people who visit the Grand Canyon stay on the South Rim, but the North Rim offers an experience that is distinct and unique. Point Imperial is probably the best spot in the canyon to watch the sunrise and is a favorite among experienced hikers who prefer rugged terrain. It is the highest point on the North Rim, so it offers a perspective that differs from many of the other Grand Canyon viewpoints.

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