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The Actual Best Time to Visit Bryce Canyon

Visit Bryce CanyonIn many respects, Bryce Canyon National Park is a seasonal destination. It is recommended that tourists visit the park between the months of April and September, but that is still a large span of time that leaves many wondering what is the actual best time to visit the park. 

At Forever Resorts, we feel that the best time to visit Bryce Canyon National Park is during the months of September and October. Here's why:

The Weather is Beautiful

In September and October, Bryce Canyon National Park goes through a weather change. Gone are the warm, dry days of summer. In the fall, the nights at Bryce Canyon are quite chilly — with lows in the upper 20s and low 30s — but the days are cool and sunny. Highs range from 65 to 75, which is ideal for those who like to go hiking. These temperatures help minimize dehydration and generally improve comfort levels for all of those who are exploring the park. 

There are Fewer Crowds

As with many National Parks across the country, tourist crowds peak during the months of June, July, and August. This is when you are going to find many families at Bryce Canyon, and the crowds will almost always be high at the iconic attractions within the park's boundaries. In September and October, the tourist crowds start to dwindle as school is back in session and the weather begins to change. 

You Can Still Stay On-Location

Many of the accommodations in or near Bryce Canyon National Park close down during the winter season. In the fall, you can still stay at these convenient properties and enjoy instant access to the park. The Lodge at Bryce Canyon is the only hotel located within the park's boundaries, and it is open until mid-October. Red Canyon Village is a campground that has both RV campsites and cabins on-site, and it is located near the famous Red Canyon within Bryce Canyon National Park.

The hoodoos are Bryce Canyon are remarkable and breathtaking no matter what time of year, but the fall allows you to enjoy a peaceful and intimate experience with these geologic wonders. 

To book your fall vacation to Bryce Canyon National Park, contact Forever Resorts today.


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