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Rafting Tips 101: Snake River

Rafting Tips 101: Snake River

The Snake River winds through Yellowstone National Park and into the heart of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It's a mighty and powerful river that has become famous for its rapids. The conditions are nearly always perfect for whitewater rafting, which delights the adventure enthusiasts who travel to this remote corner of the country. 

If you are planning your first rafting trip to the Snake River, here's some rafting tips that can help you prepare:

Book a Guided Rafting Trip for Your Adventure

Even those who are experienced rafters will want to book a guided tour for their rafting trip down the Snake River. This river winds through canyons and has thrilling rapids to enjoy, but it's important to have someone who is experienced with the Snake River onboard your raft. Your raft guide will not only provide you with valuable information about the river and the canyon, but they also will help you navigate throughout the journey. You will feel more confident and comfortable with a guide.

Pack Light for Your Rafting Trip

The weight of the raft plays an important role in the enjoyment of the experience and the safety of the trip. Your guide will probably restrict the amount of carry-on baggage you can take on the raft, and it will likely be limited to the essentials. You may be able to pack water, sunscreen, and a light snack, but you may not be able to pack much else. 

Stay Nearby the River

Getting to and from the river can be an adventure in and of itself. To help minimize any frustration on the morning of your whitewater rafting experience, consider booking a room at a nearby lodge. Signal Mountain Lodge is a lakeside lodge located in the heart of Grand Teton National Park. You will enjoy some of the most breathtaking views in the park during your stay, and you also will be located just a short distance away from the Snake River.

These rafting tips will help you enjoy a smooth and successful whitewater rafting trip on the Snake River. To learn more about the best things to do in Jackson Hole and Yellowstone National Park, contact us at Forever Resorts today.


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