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First Time Visit to Antelope Canyon? What You Need to Know

The mere mention of the word canyon in Arizona conjures up images of the larger-than-life Grand Canyon, which is perhaps the most famous canyon in the world. However, Antelope Canyon is equally noteworthy and breathtaking in its own right. This slot canyon — which is far deeper than it is wide — is located just outside of Page, Arizona. 

Here's what you need to know to be ready for your first visit to Antelope Canyon:

You Need to Schedule a Tour with a Navajo Tour Guide

Many people do not realize this when they first begin researching their trip to Arizona, but Antelope Canyon is located on the Navajo Nation Reservation. The canyon itself is sacred ground, and visitors are not able to access the canyon unless they are accompanied by a Navajo tour guide. These guides will not only provide information and insight into the formation of the canyon, but they also will teach you about its role in their culture and respectful ways to visit the canyon. As tours are limited to Navajo guides, it's recommended that you book your tour in advance.

Timing is Everything When It Comes to Your Antelope Canyon Experience

The appearance of the canyon shifts with the seasons. For example, those who want to see the light beams streaming through the canyon should visit anytime between early March and late October. In addition, the best lighting is usually available during the mid-day.

Be Prepared for Crowds

Antelope Canyon is a popular attraction, and the summer viewing season is crowded. Be prepared to share the canyon with other tourists, and pack your patience. To avoid the crowds, consider visiting from November through February.

If you want to make sure that the Antelope Canyon is included as part of your Arizona vacation itinerary, then make sure to book your trip in a convenient location. Antelope Canyon is located outside of Page, Arizona, which is not far from Lake Powell. One unique way to vacation in Arizona is to rent a houseboat on Lake Powell and spend your week on the water surrounded by desert views. 

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