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What to Do At the Lakes Near Me

Living by the lake is a dream come true for many. From simply walking along the waterfront and enjoying the views to enjoying your favorite water sports, it seems that there's always an excuse to head to the lake.

Do you live near a beautiful body of freshwater? Then here's how you can answer the question: "What is there to do at the lakes near me?"

Rent a Houseboat for the Weekend

Depending on the size of the lake near you, you may be able to rent a houseboat for the weekend. While staying on a houseboat, you can enjoy life on the water to the fullest. Not only can you cook and dine on your houseboat, but you also can fish from the dock, relax with your friends and take the boat to the shore to enjoy nearby attractions. Antelope Point Marina offers houseboat rentals to those who live near Lake Powell or who are visiting the area.

Go Camping at the Lake

Another way to fully immerse yourself in lake life is to go camping at the lakeshore. Many lakes offer campsites and RV parks for campers to utilize during their stay. Those who want to go camping near Lake Mead will be able to stay at the Lake Mead RV Village, which offers two locations near the lake. While camping at the lake, you can enjoy swimming, fishing, and campfires on the beach.

Hike the Trails Surrounding the Lake

Many lakes are part of recreational areas that including hiking and biking trails. These trails often wind around the lake, taking you to lesser-known destinations where you can experience the beauty of the region to the fullest. Be sure to select trails that are appropriate for your personal skill level and experience.

From the man-made lakes in the American West to the endless freshwater lakes in the Midwest, you will find that no matter where you live you can probably find a nearby lake to enjoy. Take this opportunity to make memories on the water with your family and friends, and indulge in a unique experience.

For more information on what you can do on the lakes near you, contact Forever Resorts today.


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