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Our Recommended Backpacking Trips for Beginners

Backpacking is an adventure unlike any other. There's something to be said for taking an exciting adventure and packing nothing but what you can carry on your back. It forces you to rely on your primal survival instincts and it requires you to be adaptable, flexible and confident. However, it might be intimidating to plan a backpacking trip if you have never embarked on one before. Luckily, there are plenty of options for those who are new to backpacking.

At Forever Resorts, we recommend these backpacking trips for beginners:

The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon may not sound like a backpacking destination for beginners, but there are actually a wide variety of options for hikers who are not as experienced. We believe that the best way to begin your backpacking trip to the Grand Canyon is to stay at a location that is close and convenient. The Grand Canyon Lodge North Rim is the only resort located on the North Rim and is the perfect place to start your backpacking adventure.

Southern Utah

Southern Utah is a backpacker's dream come true. There are a wide variety of national parks and state parks in the area, all of which are filled with paved trails that are ideal for novice backpackers. For further guidance through the wilds of Southern Utah, consider booking a tour with Forever Adventure Tours. Based out of Kanab, this tour company can get you into the best hiking spots in the region. These tours are the ideal way to complement your backpacking experience and to help you build your confidence as a backpacker.

Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon National Park is an awesome destination for someone who is heading out on their first backpacking trip. With endless trails that accommodate a variety of skill levels, you can customize your backpacking experience to suit your own needs and interests. To add comfort and security to your backpacking trip, consider staying at The Lodge at Bryce Canyon which is located within the park boundaries.

Now is the best time to book your first backpacking trip. For more tips and advice on how you can make your first backpacking trip a success, contact us at Forever Resorts today.


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