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Best Places to Take Pictures at Zion National Park

There are some who visit the national parks in order to experience unique and interesting hikes along the many trails that wind through them. There are others who prefer to spend endless hours exploring in hopes of catching a glimpse of the wildlife that call the parks home. And then there are the photographers, who find the parks to be the ideal place to capture panoramic landscapes and breathtaking sunsets.

In particular, Zion National Park is a favorite among photographers. The park is known for its ideal lighting conditions, and there are limitless possibilities for astounding images.

These are the best places to take pictures at Zion National Park:

Hoodoo Heaven

Hoodoo Heaven is a hidden gem in Zion National Park, and it can be more difficult to find. However, it's worth the effort for photographers to get to this spot, where they can photograph a collection of hoodoos that have seemingly risen out of the desert sand. Consider heading to this location at sunset.

Canyon Overlook

Photographers that are searching for that classic panoramic image of Zion National Park need to head to the Canyon Overlook. You will likely find other photographers there, but there's enough space for everyone to get their work done. Stay a while after sunset and watch the colors of the canyon gradually change.

The Narrows

To capture the iconic slot canyons of Zion National Park, take a mid-day hike into the Narrows. This is a popular hike which can be challenging, so only attempt it if you are an experienced hiker. Don't feel like you have to venture deep into the canyon. The most interesting images often lie right at the beginning of the hike.

Photographers who want to get the best images of Zion National Park need to have access to the park during the early morning hours at sunrise and into the late evening hours at sunset. Not only is this when the lighting is best at the park, but it's also when there are fewer people around to intrude on your work. To have the best access to Zion National Park, consider booking a stay at Parry Lodge. Located just half an hour from the park entrance, it's the most convenient and comfortable place to stay.

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