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Best Road Trips for Couples who Love Adventure

Traditionally, romance is found during a candlelit dinner or during a slow dance in a dimly-lit room. However, today's couples are finding out that there's more to romance than flowers and chocolate. Adventure is often the key to a healthy, happy and active relationship.

Adventurous couples who want to explore the world together will love these road trip ideas:

Southern Utah

The highways that wind through Southern Utah can lead drivers to the most majestic destinations. From the history of wild western films in Kanab to the hoodoos at Bryce Canyon National Park, there's always something around the corner that is just waiting to be discovered. Couples will find that they can complete their drive through Southern Utah with a stay at Red Canyon Village, where there are private cabins available.

Northern Michigan

Couples who head north on I-75 in Michigan will find that the landscape gradually changes from flat Midwestern land to hilly countryside filled with evergreen trees. Those who embark on this road trip should continue north on the Mackinac Bridge, and explore the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. If you like what you see, we recommend planning a vacation to Rock Harbor Lodge, where you can experience the remote island of Isle Royale National Park.

The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is the quintessential American road trip, allowing couples to explore this mammoth National Park at their own leisure. After spending a significant amount of time hiking around the South Rim, couples can head to the rugged terrain of the North Rim where they can complete their journey with a stay at the Grand Canyon Lodge North Rim.

The best part about taking a road trip with the person that you love is that there isn't a lot of advanced planning required. You can decide on a Thursday that you want to spend your weekend exploring the state that surrounds you. Or, you can start planning a route for your perfect summer vacation road trip at any time.

When you hop in your car and go, you can rest easy knowing that there's a Forever Resorts property available where you can stay for the night. We specialize in providing our travelers with superior accommodations that are conveniently located near some of the best National Parks in the country.

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