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Where to Capture the Best Grand Canyon Views

A trip to the Grand Canyon is an opportunity to have one of those truly unforgettable moments. Seeing the canyon in pictures is one thing, but the grandeur and splendor of this incredible natural wonder must be seen in person for the full effect.

If you're thinking about planning a trip to the Grand Canyon, consider making Grand Canyon Lodge at Forever Resorts part of your plan.  With stunning views of the canyon from the main dining room and the south patio, the Lodge, nestled alongside the North Rim of the canyon is a wonderful place to make your base camp. Wondering where else to take in this incredible view? Read on for tips, and check out the Forever Resorts blog for more insight into what this wonderful part of the world has to offer!

North Rim Views

According to the National Park Service, the North Rim only gets 10% of the total of the Park's visitors per year. If you're looking to capture a beautiful photo, this means you've got less competition to get a great shot! In addition, the North Rim offers a number of incredible vistas to enjoy. Cape Royal, which can be reached by car, offers miles of incredible views in all directions. It's a great place to see, and photograph, both sunrise, and sunset. You can easily plan a full half day trip taking in all of the sights along this ​winding road, and there are plenty of spots along the way to pull over and savor the moment.​​

If you're looking to take in these sights by foot, start at the Grand Canyon Lodge in the park, then follow the .5 mile paved walking trail to Bright Angel Point. Beware of drop-offs and steep sections, but be prepared to see majestic vistas of Roaring Springs and BrightAngel Canyons.

For more information, or to book a stay at Forever Resorts, please contact us today! We're happy to help you plan a journey full of pictures--and memories--that will last a lifetime.


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