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Hiking Essentials for your Havasupai Falls Adventure

Adventurers have long been heading to the Grand Canyon in search of a thrilling expedition. Within this massive National Park, there are endless hiking opportunities and trails. One of those is the Havasupai Falls Adventure. This is a backpacking experience that is not for the novice hiker.

Forever Resorts, we recommend that experienced hikers pack these essentials for the journey:

Backpack and Sleeping Supplies

This hike requires hikers to bring along a significant number of survival supplies, so the right backpack is necessary. It is important to invest in a true hiker's backpack. If you don't have one of your own, consider renting one for the excursion from a local outdoor supply company.

Water Bottle and Extra Water

There are portions of the hike that require hikers to go for at least 4 hours without any access to water. On a hike of this magnitude, you don't want to run out of water. Bring a water pouch as well as extra water to last the journey.

First Aid Kit

Emergencies can and do happen while hiking, especially on the rugged terrain that leads to Havasupai Falls. Be sure that your first aid kit is stocked with essentials like bandages, antiseptic and any life-saving medication that you require.

Hiking Boots

Hiking boots will not only protect your feet during the journey to Havasupai Falls, but they also will allow you to effectively navigate the terrain. You may also want to bring water shoes to keep your feet dry if you have to cross a water-covered path.


Snacks that are packed with protein and valuable fat will be necessary on your journey. Nuts and fruit can be the perfect way to boost your energy and satisfy your hunger as you hike along the trail to Havasupai Falls. These are also easy snacks to pack in your hiking bag.

Those who are looking to hike to Havasupai Falls or to enjoy any type of adventure in the Grand Canyon will love the Grand Canyon Lodge North Rim. As the only accommodation on the North Rim, this lodge offers an authentic and immersive experience for travelers who want to fully experience the magnitude of the canyon. To book your Grand Canyon experience, contact Forever Resorts today.


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