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Fun Family Outdoor Activities in Texas

For a larger-than-life vacation with your family, you simply need to head to Texas. In this land where everything is bigger, and bigger is most certainly better, there's plenty of opportunities to get outside and make some memories with your children.

At Forever Resorts, we believe that these are some of the best outdoor activities for families to enjoy in Texas:

Horseback Riding on a Ranch

There's nothing quite as rugged as riding horseback on the grounds of a Texas ranch. At Southfork Ranch, visitors can receive horseback riding lessons from qualified experts. This gives people of all ages an opportunity to try their hands at being a cowboy or cowgirl. In addition, the ranch offers trail rides for those who know how to ride a horse on their own. This is an incredible opportunity for those who want to experience what life in Texas is all about.

Exploring the Natural Bridge Caverns

The Natural Bridge Caverns are a network of caverns and passages in San Antonio. These formations developed over the course of thousands of years, and today, families can explore the caverns to learn more about geology in Texas. In addition to lantern tours of these winding passages, families also can go spelunking in the cave or go mining for gemstones. Given the dark and narrow conditions of the cave, this activity is recommended for families with children ages 5 and older.

Embarking on Overland Tours of Big Bend National Park

Just like the state of Texas itself, Big Bend National Park is gigantic. It's often too overwhelming for families to try and figure out how to see all of the attractions in this park on their own. Luckily, Big Bend Resort and Adventures offers a variety of overland tours that take visitors to every corner of the park. Consider booking the Santa Elena Loop Tour or the Glenn Springs Road Loop for your trip to Big Bend National Park.

Know that Forever Resorts can help enhance your next visit to Texas. In addition to our Texas properties, we also have a variety of excellent resorts, marinas and campgrounds around the country that are situated near the most breathtaking national parks. For more information on our properties, contact us today.


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