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Grand Canyon Hikes You Can Do in a Day

The Grand Canyon earned its name for its sheer enormity, and this natural wonder has attracted millions of visitors from around the globe. While nearly everyone enjoys getting a photograph at the South Rim to capture their visit to this U.S. National Park, the best way to truly experience the canyon is to hike it.

If you don't have the time or the skillset available to complete the multi-day hike of the entire canyon, you may want to consider a day hike. At Forever Resorts, we believe that these are the best hikes at the Grand Canyon that you can do in a day:

Bright Angel Trail at the South Rim

This is a steep South Rim trail that can last for up to 12 miles round trip. It's best traversed during the summer months, though hikers should bring plenty of water as natural water areas may be dry. In the winter or spring, it can be an icy trail so hikers should be cautious.

Transept Trail at the North Rim

This is an easy, three-mile trail roundtrip that only takes about an hour and a half to complete. It follows the rim of the canyon and runs from the Grand Canyon North Rim Lodge to the campground that also is located on the North Rim. It's a popular hike for people of all skill levels.

Grandview Trail at the South Rim

This hike should only be attempted by the most experienced hikers, as it is a very steep trail that features a rugged, unmaintained terrain. There are two options — a two-mile roundtrip trail to Coconino Saddle and a six-mile roundtrip trail to Horseshoe Mesa. Anyone who attempts this trail should wear hiking boots.

Whether you prefer a South Rim hike or a North Rim excursion, you will find that the best place to stay at the Grand Canyon is the Grand Canyon North Rim Lodge. This is the only accommodation on the North Rim, and it provides you with the rustic, rugged atmosphere that perfectly complements the canyon itself.

For more information on visiting the Grand Canyon, contact us at Forever Resorts today.


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