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What Not to Wear on a River Rafting Trip

River rafting can be an epic adventure through the rapids of a canyon that has been formed over the course of thousands of years. However, if you aren't properly equipped for this experience, it could end up being a total disaster.


Whether you are booking a river adventure along the Colorado River through the Black Canyon, or you have your sights set on white water rafting in Jackson Hole, you'll want to pack properly for your trip.

Here's what NOT to wear on your river rafting trip:


Heavy Layers or Restrictive Clothing


In the unlikely event that you should be evacuated from the raft, you do not want to be wearing clothing items that will make it difficult for you to swim or stay afloat in the water. Clothing made from leather or other restrictive materials is not advised. Heavy layers could make it difficult for you to raft and could weigh you down if you end up in the water.


Designer Shoes or Sandals


While you will be in a raft for your adventure, you are not going to stay dry throughout your entire journey. The rapids and waves can crash over the edge of the raft, soaking your feet. Designer shoes are bound to get ruined, and sandals — including flip-flops — can be pulled off your feet very easily as a result of the water's force. 


Personal Items and Expensive Jewelry


Your favorite watch, wedding band or a treasured pair of diamond earrings should be left behind on your river rafting adventure. You don't want to risk losing these precious items while rafting.


The fact of the matter is, you are going on a river rafting trip to let loose and enjoy an adventure. You don't want your clothes to prevent you from enjoying this moment to the fullest. Instead, bring a pair of water shoes, a swimsuit, your sunscreen and dry clothes for after the experience is complete. You'll find that this simple packing list will allow you to have fun, make memories and experience the thrill of a lifetime.


For more information on river rafting in the American West, contact Forever Resorts today.


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