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Our Favorite Yellowstone Winter Tours

If you’re headed out west for a visit to the world’s first national park this winter, we have a few suggestions for you. First, book a guided tour. Second, pack your camera because you are about to embark on a trip of a lifetime at Yellowstone National Park.


Wondering which tours to take? Here are some of our favorite Yellowstone winter tours to take on your next snowy national park vacay.


Snowcoach tours


Scenic Safaris offers an Old Faithful Snowcoach Tour that trumps the rest. This full-day tour includes 45 miles (one-way) of travel along the well-groomed trail to Old Faithful, with stops at popular destinations like Moose Falls, Lewis Canyon, and more. Most people say the highlight of this excursion is getting to see Old Faithful erupt. Learn more about this tour (and others they offer) by visiting Scenic Safari’s website.


Snowmobile tours


Take control of the “wheel” by booking a snowmobile tour during your winter trip to Yellowstone. Cruise through the backcountry while spotting wildlife like moose, elk, bison and more along the way. One of our favorite snowmobiling tours is the full day Grand Canyon Yellowstone Tour. This tour is ideal for those who have already seen Old Faithful during winter and are capable of spending long hours on a snowmobile (as it’s a 6-7-hour ride) in potentially subzero weather.


Wolf and Wildlife Tours


Want to get a closer look at some of the native wildlife in the area? Brushbuck Wildlife Tours and Yellowstone Guidelines offer intimate wolf and wildlife excursions for those looking to capture some incredible photos to cherish and share with friends back home.


Ski and snowshoe tours


Skiing and snowshoeing are two popular activities for those who are shorter on time as most of these tours only last up to half a day. Ski tour companies generally ask that attendees have at least an “advanced beginners” knowledge of skiing before they set out on excursions. Snowshoeing, however, requires no experience! Take a look at some of the tours around Yellowstone by clicking here.


Sled dog tours


Dog sledding is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You may have seen it in movies or read about it in books, but until you’ve hopped on a sleigh led by a pack of mushing huskies, you’ll never know the thrill until you’ve tried it for yourself. Some of the more popular dog sledding tours near Yellowstone include Spirit of the North Dog Adventures and Yellowstone Dog Sled Adventures.


Get outdoors this winter and see all that there is to see while Yellowstone National Park is covered in a blanket of glistening white snow. Call our reservations specialists at 1-877-386-4383 to find the perfect Yellowstone winter tour for you.


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