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Where to Capture the Best Views in Bryce Canyon

When visitors first catch a glimpse of Bryce Canyon, they often stare in wonder and awe. This mammoth geological site seems like something from another planet, rather than a formation in the heart of Utah. Pack your camera because you won’t want to miss these best views in Bryce Canyon.


Bryce Point



Bryce Point is the perfect place to begin your quest through Bryce Canyon National Park. With the park’s amphitheater gleaming in the morning light, it’s a majestic sight to capture on camera. Admire the famous “hoodoos” from a distance and marvel at its glistening red tones that become amplified by the sunrise.


Sunset Point

Aptly named, Sunset Point is where you can capture some of the most glorious sunsets in Bryce Canyon. While looking out at this viewpoint, you will enjoy some of the most distinct hoodoos in the park, including the ever-popular Thor's Hammer and Silver City. In addition to watching the sun slip away into the colorful horizon, you'll also enjoy bird watching at this unique point. Cliff Swallows, Steller's Jays and Ravens can be found in the nearby cliffs.


PHOTO TIP: The ONLY LOCATION to photograph Thor’s Hammer is walking down the Navajo Loop Trail, one of the best Bryce Canyon hikes.


Inspiration Point



Inspiration Point is another popular location to snap a pic of the unique hoodoos that fill the deep canyon. Ideal for capturing a panoramic, the view stretches seemingly forever, as light catches the fins, spires, hoodoos and ever-eroding canyon walls. It’s like Bryce Canyon’s main amphitheater is on fire, glowing with reds, oranges, pinks and more. Located just south of Sunset Point, you’ll find other spectators and photographers gathered here throughout the day—but specifically late afternoons.


Natural Bridge



Take a break from the hoodoos and find your way to Bryce Canyon’s Natural Bridge. The distinct bridge-like rock formation is a massive 85-foot structure that has been formed by erosion over millions of years.


These are just a few of our favorite places to capture the best views in Bryce Canyon. There’s so much more to see and do! Take a few extra days to explore and stay at our historic Lodge at Bryce Canyon. Gain access to breathtaking views, world-class hiking trails, and a tranquil wilderness. As the only lodging within the national park, you’ll have no trouble capturing those sunrise shots! 


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