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Secret's Out: Our Favorite Natural Hot Springs (Map Included)

We all know secrets are hard to keep, so that’s why we’re spilling some of our favorite spots to where you can enjoy one of nature’s most relaxing features—hot springs. Thermal springs (or hot springs) are known for their rich therapeutic benefits, ranging from soothing sore muscles to boosting circulation. Whether you want to see one up close, or prefer to snap a photo from afar, here’s a list of hot springs you need to experience while visiting a Forever property or adventure tour.


In Wyoming:


1. Morning Glory Pool, Yellowstone National Park


Morning Glory Pool is hands down the prettiest hot spring on this list. Although the water looks enticing with its jewel-toned blue color, it’s forbidden to take a dip in these springs. It’s best to view this one from a distance because on rare occasions, Morning Glory Pool has erupted into a geyser.


2. Boiling River, Yellowstone National Park


If you’re looking to reap the benefits of a natural hot spring in the Yellowstone area, then you’ll want to visit Boiling River (one of the two places where swimming is legal there). This popular swimming hole is unique in that hot and cool waters mix providing a warm and cold sensation on different points of your body.


While visiting Yellowstone National Park, make sure to get the most out of your trip by booking a guided adventure tour with Scenic Safaris.


In Nevada:


3. Goldstrike Canyon Hot Springs, Lake Mead National Recreation Area


Longing to venture beyond the Strip during your Las Vegas vacay? Consider adding Goldstrike Canyon Hot Springs to your itinerary. The hike in is a bit strenuous, but it’s worth it. Upon arriving to the springs, you’ll see a large pool flanked by bubbling waterfalls and several smaller pools. The waters are between 70 and 144 degrees Fahrenheit, and many are deep enough for swimming about. This hike is seasonal, so make sure to check that it’s open before you plan your visit.


Extend your Las Vegas outdoor adventure by reserving your seat on our Black Canyon River Tour. This guided motorized raft tour allows our guests to witness the Hoover Dam from a unique vantage point as well as take in the awe-inspiring sights while traveling down the Colorado River.

In Texas:

4. Langford Hot Springs, Big Bend National Park

This historic bath is tucked away down a two-mile dirt road in Big Bend National Park adjacent to the Rio Grande. To get there, you will hike about a quarter mile from the parking area. The naturally heated spring water is renowned for its healing powers; locals and visitors have sworn by it since the baths were first developed in 1906. You won’t be disappointed with the views, either! Need a place to stay while visiting Big Bend National Park? Check out Big Bend Resort and Adventures.

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