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Best National Parks for Mountain Biking

There's a certain rush that comes from whizzing along an unexplored trail on a mountain bike, and cyclists find themselves craving this sense of excitement and adventure while they travel. Mountain biking enthusiasts who want to combine their passion for biking with their desire to see new destinations will love the national parks.


These are a few of the best national parks for mountain biking:

Big Bend National Park

Big Bend National Park features more than 160 miles of dirt roads that are perfect for mountain biking enthusiasts. No matter which trail a cyclist picks for their next adventure, they will find unparalleled views of the Chisos Mountains. Those who wish to bike their way through this park will want to stay at a resort on-site so that they can get the best access to the trails. Big Bend Resort and Adventures offers year-round lodging for Big Bend National Park visitors.

Zion National Park

Zion National Park is often overlooked by cyclists because mountain biking is prohibited on the nature trails that wind through the park. However, there are single-tracks that maneuver in and out of the stunning rock formations in the park, making it one of the most unique mountain biking experiences in the region. This trip is best suited to intermediate or advanced riders. Those who want to stay nearby Zion National Park should consider booking a room at Parry Lodge, which is less than 35 minutes away.

Badlands National Park

Within Badlands National Park, there are three trails that are open to mountain bikers. These trails feature both paved and unpaved roadways, providing cyclists with a thrilling challenge. Those who wish to bike through the park will love staying on-site at the Cedar Pass Lodge.

Whether you want to explore the national parks on bike, or you prefer to hike your way to the breathtaking natural attractions that can be discovered within the parks' borders, you'll want to stay in a resort that is both convenient and comfortable. Forever Resorts properties specialize in providing guests with premier access to many of the country's most incredible national parks. Contact us to plan your trip today.


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