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Which National Parks Offer a Senior Pass?

The extensive national park system strives to be accessible to people across all demographics throughout the country, in the hopes that everyone will have the opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty of the nation. This includes offering a discount to senior citizens over the age of 62. U.S. citizens and permanent residents are eligible to purchase the senior pass, which gives a discounted entry to all of the national parks.

All About the Senior Pass

The Senior Pass is a lifetime pass that can be purchased by eligible senior citizens over the age of 62. It currently costs $80, and provides seniors with access to more than 2,000 different recreational areas throughout the country. Seniors who are not interested in a lifetime pass have the option of purchasing an annual pass for $20. In addition to covering the park entry, seniors who purchase the lifetime pass are eligible to receive additional discounts on park amenities. Those discounts may vary from site to site.

Where Can the Senior Pass Be Used? 

The senior pass can be used at all national parks throughout the country. In the event that the park charges a per-vehicle entrance fee, the entire group is covered by the senior pass. If the park charges a per-person entrance fee, then the senior pass will apply only to eligible seniors. Senior citizens who intend to visit many national parks will find the pass to be a worthwhile investment.

Where Should Seniors Stay When Visiting a National Park?

For many seniors, accessibility is a top priority while traveling. Senior citizens who are visiting a national park should consider staying at a resort that is located nearby, or within, the park. For example, the Badlands Inn is located less than a mile from Badlands National Park, and the Lodge at Bryce Canyon is a historic lodge that also is the only resort within the Bryce Canyon National Park. By staying in a convenient, comfortable and affordable hotel, senior citizens can make the most out of their visit to any national park.

Forever Resorts prides itself on offering premier lodging and accommodations nearby many of the most magnificent national parks in the country. For more information on where you should stay during your next visit to a national park, contact us today.


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