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What You Can Expect From a Grand Canyon Mule Ride

When you decide to visit the Grand Canyon, it’s important to do it in style. One of America’s most awe-inspiring formations was formed over millions of years by a slow eroding process due to the flow of the Colorado River. If you want to experience this natural wonder in all its glory, you can’t do better than a mule ride. Oh yes, my friend, get ready to hop up on a good old-fashioned burro and make like a rancher or prospector today. Here’s what to expect from a Grand Canyon mule ride.

Weight Limits and Other Restrictions

Because the mules are not as strong as horses, expect weight limits between 200 and 225 per person, fully dressed. If you still want the experience but don’t meet the requirements, book a horse trip instead.

Trips also have height and age minimums. You must speak English and you can’t be pregnant, ill, or afraid of animals.

Early Sign-Up

More vacationers want to enjoy mule rides than the Park Service and mule ride purveyors can accommodate. Sometimes they run out, or sometimes they select people by lottery. In either case, you’re better off signing up fast. You can put your name on a waiting list, but you’ll only find out the day before if you’ve been granted a spot, so better stay close.

A Variety of Rides

Mule rides come in several incarnations, from one- and two-hour rides to twilight rides and wagon trail experiences. The rides wind through pine forests and along the Grand Canyon’s edges, and during the twilight ride, you’ll be treated to a campfire as well. Don’t forget the marshmallows!

Fun, Relaxing Lodging

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