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Best National Parks to Visit in the Spring

Renewal of life is spirit of the spring season, and there's no better place to see the world come alive once again than at a National Park. Across the country, there are many fantastic National Parks to visit, but these are the some best to enjoy during the springtime months.

Grand Canyon National Park

Spring is a season of contradictions at the Grand Canyon, which is why it is such an exciting and invigorating time to visit this National Park. While warm, dry air begins arriving in the early weeks of April, there is still a chance that freezing temperatures can bring snow along the North Rim. Hikers who want to experience the trails when it is cooler and more comfortable will appreciate the canyon during the spring season. Of course, by staying at the Grand Canyon Lodge on the North Rim, you can explore until your heart is content.

Isle Royale National Park

This is not always a National Park that is on the itinerary of avid explorers, and it's a mystery as to why that is the case. The Isle Royale National Park is located off the shores of Lake Superior in Michigan, making it one of the state's best kept secrets. The weather will be cool yet the sunshine will likely be plentiful during the spring months, which brings the wildlife out in full force. The park opens for the season in mid-April, and by staying at the Rock Harbor Lodge, you can enjoy the peace and solitude of this National park in the spring.

Grand Teton National Park

As one of the monumental National Parks in the West, visitors from around the world set their sights on this park. The spring months are cooler and quieter, and those who stay at the Signal Mountain Lodge can enjoy unparalleled access as well as panoramic views as the park blooms into life once more.

Of course, when planning any trip to a National Park, it's imperative that you secure lodgings that allow you premier access to these natural playgrounds. Forever Resorts specializes in offering travelers incredible properties where they can enjoy a great night's rest all while knowing the adventure of a lifetime awaits them the next day. No matter which National Park you want to visit this spring, you'll likely find a Forever Resort nearby. Contact us today for more information.


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