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What You'll See on a Highway 89 Road Trip

A drive down Highway 89 is, in many respects, the quintessential American road trip. It stretches from the Mexican border to the Canadian border, taking drivers on a trip through five different states, with the potential to visit National Parks, National Monuments, and plenty of roadside attractions along the way. 

No matter how long you spend on Highway 89, you're sure to see something memorable during your journey. Here are a few of the most famous sights along Highway 89:

Grand Teton National Park

Made famous for its stunning vistas, in which the sturdy Teton Mountain Range contradicts the constantly flowing Snake River, Grand Teton National Park is located right alongside historic Highway 89. It makes a great day trip or an easy photo spot to showcase the beauty of the American West. Drivers can get some shut-eye at the Signal Mountain Lodge located in nearby Moran, Wyoming.

Bryce Canyon National Park

Further south on Highway 89 lies Bryce Canyon National Park, which is yet another breathtaking park where travelers can immerse themselves in the wonder of nature and the thrill of adventure. This park is filled with trails for all adventurers, ranging from beginner level trails to advanced trails that require expert navigational skills. Those who wish to enjoy this park to the fullest will enjoy a stay at the historic Lodge at Bryce Canyon, which boasts an original structure and authentic charm.

Mormon Pioneer National Heritage Area

The Headwaters district within the Mormon Pioneer National Heritage Area is located off Highway 89 in the southern portion of Utah. Visitors can explore the Sevier Plateau or the Sevier River Valley, all while staying at the historic Parry Lodge that is based in nearby Kanab.

A trip along Highway 89 can be a vacation in and of itself, or perhaps you only want to explore a portion of it during a long weekend. Regardless of the length of your trip or the types of adventures you want to enjoy along the way, you're sure to find a fantastic place to stay at a nearby Forever Resort property. Contact us for more information on the best places to stop for the night on your Highway 89 road trip.


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