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The Must-See Spots at Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons

It's nearly impossible to see everything that a national park has to offer in one day, particularly in the vast, expansive Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park. Travelers who truly want to experience these parks need to stay at a nearby resort, giving them a comfortable home base to begin their explorations each day. 

Top Spots in Yellowstone National Park

  • Old Faithful — Even if you only have a few hours at Yellowstone National Park, the Old Faithful geyser needs to be included on your itinerary. This is one of the most famous sites in the park, and for good reason. When it erupts, it can reach up to 130 feet in the sky! 

  • Grand Prismatic Spring — Spanning 370 feet, the Grand Prismatic Spring is the largest hot spring in the country. Its size is not the most impressive thing about it, however. This hot spring is filled with a cacophony of colors, spanning every hue of the rainbow. It's unlike any other natural site in the world.

  • Mammoth Hot Springs — Visitors who have plenty of time in Yellowstone National Park can easily spend half a day at the Mammoth Hot Springs. For hundreds of years, the hot springs here have been carving natural terraces, making this section of Yellowstone look like an artist's sculpture.

Top Spots in Grand Teton National Park

  • Schwabacher Landing — Schwabacher Landing is an iconic spot within Grand Teton National Park, and it's the ideal place to enjoy the sunrise or sunset. You will feel like you have stepped right into a postcard, so don’t forget your camera.

  • Oxbow Bend Turnout — This is one of the best places to experience the Snake River in all of its peaceful glory. At this turnout, park visitors will catch a fantastic view of both the river and the famed Mt. Moran. It's a calm, quiet and serene place and it's only a short trip from the nearby Signal Mountain Lodge.

The adventure of a lifetime awaits you when you are visiting the national parks. To find out the best places to stay in the national parks that are located throughout the country, contact Forever Resorts today.


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