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[MAP] The 3 Best Zion National Park Trails to Know

No trip to southwestern Utah is complete without a stop at Zion National Park. This park is filled with canyons, cliffs and abundant wildlife, making it a nature lover's dream come true. The trails that wind through Zion National Park have been explored by people since the beginning of time, from the natives who first called this land home to the pioneers who settled the American West. 

Whether you are staying at Parry Lodge or The Lodge at Bryce Canyon, you will want to consider taking a day trip to Zion National Park to explore these trails:


Emerald Pools Trail

The Emerald Pools Trail is one of the most popular hikes in Zion, largely because it is quick, easy and leads to a breathtaking destination with gorgeous photo opportunities. This is an ideal option for families with young children, because the hike would best be described as a leisurely stroll through the park. At the end of the trail, you will find idyllic pools that are perfect for playing and splashing. This is a popular trail, though, so you likely won't have the place to yourself.

East Rim Trail

The East Rim Trail is a 10-mile long excursion that is only accessible during the spring and fall months. It's best suited to experienced hikers who are ready for a day of rigorous adventure, given that it includes a 1,000-foot ascent at the beginning of the trail and a 2,300-foot descent toward the end of the trail. The strenuous work will pay off, however, as you will enjoy some of the most magnificent vistas in the park. The map above follows the East Rim Trail to Observation Point.

Angels Landing

Angels Landing is the trail designed for expert hikers who like to be rewarded for their efforts. Made famous for its incredible views of the West Rim, this trail includes narrow passageways and high elevations. It is not recommended for those who have a fear of heights. Those who are looking for the full Zion National Park experience, however, will delight in the challenges this trail presents. It takes about a day to complete the hike.

No matter how you want to spend your time exploring Zion National Park and its expansive system of trails, it's important to have some place comfortable to go home to at the end of the night. Book your stay at one of the Forever Resorts in Utah, and you'll find yourself staying in the heart of all the American West has to offer.

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