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Smile Spotlight: James

Hard work and dedication are the cornerstone of any successful person, and we'd like to take a moment to spotlight one of our amazingly hardworking employees, James.  As a Vacation Reservations Specialist, James is a strong backbone within his team and was even singled out a few months back in our Smile Spotlight for our Central Reservations team. And it's easy to see why, he is the go-to guy for any houseboat question you may have. He recently earned his Captain's License and can operate any inland vessels up to 50 tons in weight. As the perfect pick to be one of our go-to Houseboat Specialists, we're happy to have him on our team, but he didn't actually start working for Forever Resorts in our home office in Scottsdale, he started up at our Antelope Point Marina at Lake Powell and eventually made the switch in 2013.

Having been around the water, and especially boats and houseboats quite a bit as a kid, James fell in love with the water and Lake Powell in particular. Once he got older, he took on the opportunity to work at a number of different marinas in the southwest such as Wahweep, Dangling Rope, Antelope Point, Lake Pleasant Marinas. With all of his time spent working at these marinas, he was able to work to earn his captain's license, needing 360 logged days in order to qualify for his license.

As a Houseboat Vacation Specialist, James loves the ability to talk about his hobbies, boating and houseboating, all day to customers. Whenever he's not working though, he pursues his passion to boat and heads up to Lake Powell to take his speedboat out on the water. Occasionally he'll head out with a group of friends on a houseboat but also prefers to stick with a small group and camp out on one of the beaches of Lake Powell with just his speedboat to get him around. As a very familiar expert to the area, he loves to explore the Escalante River arm on Lake Powell as well as Cathedral Canyon.

If you have any houseboat questions or needs, call James or anyone at the main reservations number 1-877-386-4383 to help you start planning your next houseboat vacation. Thank you so much James for all of your years of hard work and congratulations on earning your Captain's License, it was a designation well earned.


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