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Happy Birthday National Park Service!

The month of August is back and that means it is time to celebrate the 101st Anniversary of the National Park Service! Last year we were so pleased to see how many guests and employees helped us celebrate the 100th Anniversary throughout the year. With the National Park Service's birthday on August 25th, that means another fee-free day is back for all guests eager to visit the National Parks. As a tribute to the National Parks Service, we wanted to take a moment to look at some of our most popular National Park property destinations.

Grand Canyon Lodge North Rim

Only two years away from its 100th Anniversary Celebration, the Grand Canyon Lodge North Rim is one of our most secluded and popular properties. Guests come from far and wide to see the Grand Canyon but, even in spite of the popularity of our lodge, the North Rim of the Grand Canyon only sees a small portion of guests as compared to the South Rim. Sitting on the North side of the Grand Canyon though, this lodge is a seasonal operation due to the difficulties with travel once it begins to snow in this part of the country. However, if you're one of the lucky few that manages to make it out to the lodge for a vacation or day trip, a cup of coffee or beverage on the veranda is a must. This breathtaking view is one of the big attractions of our lodge along with the 1920's architecture that captures the rustic and cozy feel of the lodge.

Antelope Point Marina - Lake Powell

Lake Powell is one of the most stunning areas to visit in all of the Southwest and we are proud to run many of our houseboat rentals out of Antelope Point Marina. Sitting within the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, Lake Powell spans the sandstone and sacred Navajo lands of the area from Arizona up through Utah. The most unique quality of the lake lies in its sandstone geology that surrounds the water on all sides by vast canyons that seem to never end. From Antelope Point Marina you can also see Navajo Mountain in the distance and, if you plan ahead, you can make a trip up to the very famous Rainbow Bridge. While Antelope Point Marina sits about 5 hours from Phoenix, it is within just a couple of hours of many other attractions such as Kanab, Utah, Zion National Park, the Wave, and even Horseshoe Bend, another very popular photo spot.

Scenic Safaris - Yellowstone National Park

Last but not least on our list, we thought we'd throw in one of our outdoor adventure properties, Scenic Safaris, to really pull together the breadth of the lands that the National Park Service works to protect year after year. As the oldest National Park, Yellowstone is a highly sought after vacation destination, and it's easy to see why. From vast mountain ranges to the wildlife to Old Faithful Geyser, there is so much to see and even more area to explore. Our team at Scenic Safaris provides UTV, ATV, and Luxury Van tours throughout Yellowstone National Park and even Grand Teton National Park. We've been fortunate to have so many amazing employees over the years at Scenic Safaris who are not only hardworking, but they genuinely love where they work. Some of our employees are seasonal and help during the temperate Summer months while a few stay on with us full time to help during our winter season (yes, they have winter tours too!). We're honored to be able to share such an amazing place with so many different visitors throughout the year, we hope we'll be able to continue for years to come.

We can't wait to see what the next 5, 10, 20, and even 100 years brings the National Parks Service, whether its more lands, waterways, or National Monuments, we know you'll keep doing your best to preserve these historic sites. If you have yet to visit any one of these properties or any one of our other National Park locations, be sure to explore our website at and reserve online or call us at 1-877-386-4383 to speak to one of our vacation specialists.


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