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Smile Spotlight: Meet Taylor

At all of our many properties across the United States, we’re so grateful to have many amazing employees working with us day after day to keep our operations going. We want to take a moment this month to spotlight one of those amazing employees that has shown, year after year, what it means to be a great Forever Resorts employee and her name is Taylor.

Taylor works with our team at Scenic Safaris in Jackson, Wyoming, which sits just outside of Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. She currently handles Group Sales for Scenic Safaris as well as marketing, customer service, and administrative support.

She first came to the area from her home state of Alabama for an internship during college where she had the opportunity to work at Jackson Lake Lodge. During this time, she fell in love with Wyoming and all that she could do there. Soon after graduation, she returned to the area to work with Snake River Photo and Video in 2012 and would transition to Scenic Safaris by the end of the year.

At the time that she began working with the team at Scenic, they were a small operation of only 4 people. They have grown immensely with their tour offerings and now have 10 people in their main office and provide tours to more than 200 people a day. Taylor said: “I love working with Scenic Safaris because of the people. We’re just such a big family.” That family centric ideal doesn’t just exist for her at Scenic Safaris, but also over at Mad River Boat Trips and Signal Mountain Lodge where their teams work simultaneously with Scenic Safaris to support each other in the Jackson area.

When asked what she loves to do most in the Jackson area, Taylor said heading to the river for a float trip and traveling around in a UTV in the backcountry are hard to beat. One of her favorite spots to visit is Slide Lake in the summer in the Gros Ventre Wilderness Area. On a clear day, the water in the lake is crystal blue and has an interesting history. The lake was created due to a giant rock slide that eventually wiped out the community of Kelly that initially lived there.

When Taylor is not busy working to support Group Sales at Scenic Safaris, she is an outdoor enthusiast. Along with her fiancé, Taylor spends a lot of time on the river and gained a passion for it when working for Snake River. Loves to be on the water with her fiancé. Gives back to the community when they can, do fundraisers and help with the community.

Thank you for all your amazing work ethic Taylor! We hope to celebrate many more Scenic Safaris accomplishments with you in the years to come.


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