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Smile Spotlight: Meet Joanie

Badlands National Park is best known for its unique and scenic buttes that cover 242,756 acres of land. It’s also home to our very own Cedar Pass Lodge, Circle 10 Campground, Cedar Pass Campground, and Badlands Inn, all which Office and Reservations Manager at Cedar Pass Lodge, Joanie, helps manage daily. With all the properties that Joanie helps manage, we thought she was the perfect choice for our monthly Smile Spotlight.

Way back in 2012, Joanie began working at Cedar Pass Lodge as a server in the Cedar Pass Lodge restaurant. By the summer of 2014 though, after coming highly recommended by other employees at the time, Joanie was brought on as the Office and Reservations Manager, providing her help wherever it was needed.From left: Sharon and Joanie

Since then, Joanie has transformed quite a bit in her role and manages everything from employee training to accounting to organizing catering when needed for big events, but her favorite role is that of Reservations Manager. During the winter months, Joanie takes on all reservation calls that come to the front desk for all four of the Badlands National Park properties. Working with guests is what she loves most about her role with reservations. The team at Cedar Pass sees a variety of guests and being able to interact with them and help enhance their trip she says is the most enjoyable part of her job.

Having grown up in Interior, South Dakota herself, Joanie is far from unfamiliar with all that the Badlands and its surrounding areas offer. She left the smallness of Interior for a while to live in Minnesota for close to a decade. What she found though was she missed the closeness of her family and wound up moving back in January of 2011. In her spare time, she travels to see her children and 14-month-old granddaughter in Rapid City. As well, she likes to go out dancing with her best friend Sharon, who also works at Cedar Pass as the HR and Assistant General Manager.

Cedar Pass Lodge and all of our other properties are open now until November 1st, 2017 at the Badlands, so be sure to stop and say hello to Joanie when you come for a visit!

Pictured from Left: Sharon and Joanie


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