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Smile Spotlight: Central Reservations

Once a month we love to take the opportunity to showoff amazing employees at all of our properties but this month we wanted to bring the focus back to our main office in Scottsdale, Arizona with our Central Reservations team. Small but mighty, the Central Reservations team are the primary point of communication for all guests that are calling to reserve a reservation on a houseboat or lodging locations.

Established in 2006, the Central Reservations team are the vacation experts at Forever Resorts as they know almost all there is to know about our Forever Resorts properties in order to help everyone with their vacations and planning. Of all of our Forever Resorts properties, Assistant Reservations Manager Stephanie says that the Grand Canyon Lodge North Rim is the most asked about property.

Houseboat and Vacation SpecialistWhile the Central Reservations team does take reservations for our lodging properties, they also take calls for our marinas and houseboat locations. Reservations Specialist James Wolf is the go-to boating expert of the group and a team favorite as his enthusiasm for boating drives the group. James’s team member Stephanie says that he has worked incredibly hard to, “achieve his Captain’s License Certifications, which he is very proud of. In the future, he does hope to accomplish his goal of becoming a Captain at Antelope Point Marina, working for Forever Resorts and finally captaining the houseboats on Lake Powell. James’ passion for all Lakes, especially Lake Powell and his desire to help customers here at the Central Reservations Office with the planning of their trips is contagious and certainly helps all of us stay motivated. The Agents have come to rely on James as their “Go to Houseboat Specialist” for questions they cannot answer and he rarely disappoints. We thank James for all of his dedication and hard work!”

Along with James and Stephanie, the entire Central Reservations team works diligently every day to meet get through every call and help every customer looking to vacation at Forever Resorts. Working Monday through Friday, 7 am to 6 pm, and on the weekends, 8 am to 4 pm Arizona time, our Reservations Specialists are available to help you take the vacation you need this year. Call 1-877-386-4383 to speak to James, Stephanie, or any of the other members of the Central Reservations team.


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