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Smile Spotlight: Congratulations New VPs

Loyal and dedicated employees can be hard to come by now a days, but at Forever Resorts we are grateful to have an amazing team behind us that works their hardest to provide great vacations and outdoor adventures at all of our properties. Some of our driving forces behind that loyalty and dedication have recently been promoted to the role of Vice President by our CEO Rex Maughn and we would like to take a moment to recognize them:

Terry Sides, based in the Forever Resorts home office in Scottsdale, Arizona, handles a number of duties that include providing administrative and financial direction and support to all properties. Additionally, Sides oversees all of Central Reservations and related information systems software that is used, not only at the home office, but at all Forever Resorts properties as well.

A man who calls Mormon Lake home, Scott Gold’s responsibilities include the oversight of Mormon Lake Lodge, Isle Royale Resorts, Big Bend (Chisos Mountains Lodge), Big Bend Resort & Adventures, as well as numerous special projects. He keeps busy with all of these properties and loves to travel for his job.

John King, based in Jackson, Wyoming oversees Signal Mountain Lodge, as well as heading up Forever Resorts business development activities for many of our National Park properties. Having been a part of the Forever Family for more than 20 years, John was previously the General Manager of Signal Mountain Lodge and has had the opportunity to raise his family in beautiful Wyoming.

Rod Taylor has responsibilities for six of Forever Resort’s operations in Lake Mead National Recreation Area, as well as Montauk Resort in Missouri. His expertise has been a great help for our properties and we are so glad to have had him working at Forever Resorts for 23 years this January.

We appreciate the efforts of these key leaders, and the great team members who support them!


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