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Forever Resorts Giving Back: Feed My Starving Children

The season of giving is here and our team at Forever Resorts is proud to be a part of it. In the month of October, many members of our home office team in Scottsdale, Arizona, had the opportunity to join together and give back at Feed My Starving Children in Mesa, Arizona. A volunteer organization created to help feed starving children in third world countries, as well as other countries and areas that have recently experienced a debilitating disaster. For our team, our efforts for the day would be sent to children in the Philippines.

This Christian based organization actively works to ensure that children, no matter what their socio-economic situation, is receiving proper nutrition and will not suffer from malnourishment. They are currently increasing their efforts to aid children in the Carribean who may have been negatively affected by Hurricane Matthew and still send food to those suffering after the devestating earthquake in Haiti from 2010.

We arrived early that morning, rearing to get assigned to our work stations for the shift. We were split between labeling, preparing bags, packing, and loading boxes for shipping. After two hours of hard work, our efforts paid off and we found out that in the time we had to pack, we had successfully packed 166 boxes and created more than 35,000 meals, all of which would feed 98 children for an entire year.

If you would like to learn more about Feed My Starving Children or to donate, please visit their website at

As a part of the Forever Giving initiative around all of the Forever Living Products and Forever Resorts locations, we were not alone in our efforts to give back to the community as many others from the Scottsdale home office went out to volunteer as well. Read more about the volunteer events the different departments at Forever Living Products completed in the last few months in their "Do Good. Feel Good." article.

We can't wait to see what we do in the coming month and 2017 to give back!


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