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Travel the Bend at Chisos Mountains Lodge

Big Bend National Park is home to the unique night skies, animals, rivers, and beautiful ancient limestone mountains that have been carved by the waters that surround it. Described as "Splendid Isolation" by, this southwestern National Park is also home to our Chisos Mountains Lodge, the ideal spot to escape to if you are looking to unwind from the hustle and bustle of the city. Accessible from Alpine and Marathon, Texas, Chisos Mountains Lodge sits in the heart of Big Bend National Park and is the ideal spot for anyone looking to loose themselves in nature for a few days or even a week. Discover the top 3 things to do while on vacation at Chisos Mountains Lodge:

1. Hiking

Day hiking is one of the most preferred activites our guests do when they come to visit, and we can't blame them. There are a variety of trails to take around the area and you have your choice of a Desert, Mountain, or River trail to explore. On the website, you can find out about all of the different hiking trails available as well as the difficulty level of each hike. 

2. Photography

With the variety of animals, reptiles, cacti, and flora in the area, the wildlife surrounding Chisos Mountains Lodge had a much to offer for any nature photographer. The different animals you could catch a glimpse of in the area include a kit fox,, bobcat, kangaroo rat, bats, badgers, desert cottontails and many more. Just be sure to observe the park's safety guidelines and maintain a safe distance from all animals for your safety and theirs. Once day time has passed though, give your astrophotography skills a go and capture the best sites of the Milky Way without all of the light exposure that city lights usually hide.

3. Bicycling

With fall and winter just around the corner, bicycling in Big Bend is coming back into popularity with the cooler temperatures making the ride much safer and more enjoyable. There are a variety of biking raods available no matter whether you prefer paved or rough, dirt roads. Visit the NPS Biking page for Big Bend National Park to find out which biking roads are available and where throughout the park.

Get away for a few days and check out Big Bend National Park for yourself. Visit the Chisos Mountains Lodge website and visit their reservations page to plan your next vacation to Big Bend National Park. Find out all there is to love at Chisos Mountains Lodge.

Thank you for allowing us to share your pictures Morteza Safataj Photography. Visit his page to see a 360 view of Big Bend. Click on the picture below to go there.


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