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#MyNatureSelfie: May Recap

We've seen so many great submissions in the past month to our #MyNatureSelfie Contest and couldn't be happier about the submissions. From Florida to Hawaii to Bryce Canyon, the submissions have come in far and wide. Even if you haven't won yet, thank you all for such great submissions. These winners along with our other submissions from the end of April and all of May will be considered for the grand prize voting in August.

You can find the weekly winners and the winner for the month of May below:

Our first winner was @runningdiva86 on Instagram. She hiked to the top of Cucamonga Peak in the San Bernadino National Forest.

This photo comes from @doleenoted on Instagram. She managed to catch the sunrise at Bryce Canyon National Park when she took her selfie.

Photo courtesy of @goobersmax35 on Instagram. She was in Sequoia National Park in California with her family.

Photo courtesy of @Nester540 on Twitter. In this photo he is kayaking along the Colorado River in the Lake Mead National Recreation Area.

Photo courtesy of @upsidedownnomad who is doing a hand stand while in at Glacier National Park.


Remember when submitting your photo that you need to be in a National Park, Forest, Area, etc. to be considered for our voting. You also need to add your hashtag #mynatureselfie, @foreverresorts, and a description in 5 words or less about why you love that area that you are in. You can view more of the #MyNatureSelfie submissions or submit your own photo here.


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