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Smile Spotlight: Mad River Boat Trips

This month, our spotlight turns to the majestic and beautiful Jackson Hole, where we share the incredible team that makes up Mad River Boat Trips. This summer adventure company takes you on a white water rafting trip in Jackson, WY,  where your eyes are captivated by the amazing landscape of Wyoming, the breathtaking sights of animal life, and the action-packed adventure that takes you miles down the river, hitting the rough waters, with intensity in your eyes, and and a smile on your face. 

Behind this amazing destination is our team at Mad River Boat Trips. All members of this action-packed team are not only dedicated to the craft of white water rafting, they are dedicated to each other, the experience of the customer, and are continually mesmerized by the nature around them. Bobby Perkins-McIntosh, a guide at Mad River says on their official site,

​ "Working at Mad River feels more like going to summer camp than going to a job. The community at Mad River is second to none and every day when I go to work it feels like I am getting paid to have fun with my friends. The atmosphere is always great and there is always something new and fun going on. Whether you're on the river guiding or just hanging out at the boat house, you're going to be having a good time at Mad River."


​Annie Gonzales, a manager with the Mad River Team, says,

"Working at Mad River, you're surrounded by quality people who are very knowledgeable and enjoy the outdoors. I learned so much from the new friends that I made here. The people that work at Mad River inspire me to leave my temporary belongings aside, and to go out and get after it! It's an amazing thing to have so many positive examples surrounding you daily; showing you that life is a full and colorful experience if you let it be. At Mad River I consider my co-workers my family; we're a team who works together, laughs together, rafts together, shares a couple beers together, and ultimately grows together. Because of our family dynamic, Mad River has created an inviting environment for fellow rafters and friends to join our team or to at least join us as we go down the river. I'm so happy that I can say that there's nothing like the feeling of being excited when I wake up to go to work. Thank you Mad River for the experience, inspiration, and new friends that I can call family!"

There is no doubt that this amazing team at Mad River Boat Trips will give you a trip to remember.  With the amount of exerience, mixed with the passion and commitment to the area, making a reservation to take a rafting trip in Jackson WY with this amazing group is truly a no brainer! 

For more information about Mad River Boat Trips, and to get started on a reservation, visit their official site, today!


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