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Smile Spotlight: Meet Warren

There are those who like what they do, those who like getting up in the morning, heading to work and making the very best out of their day. Then, there is Warren Klain. Warren is a boat operator at Antelope Point Marina Boat Rentals, specializing in customer relations and boating at Lake Powell. From assisting Houseboat guests to guiding tours around Lake Powell, Warren has become quite an expert in all there is to know about the area.

Growing up in the area, Warren is extremely knowledgeable about the rich history that surrounds Lake Powell. Like many, he found he wanted to relocate and explore the world, but after a short time away, Warren was homesick and came back to the breathtaking land that gives him such pride to be a part of today.

When we asked Warren what he loved the most about working for Antelope Point Marina, without hesitation he replied, "I feel like when I take people out to experience the lake, I am helping make life-changing experiences!"  Without a doubt, you do Warren, and we couldn't be happier to have you as a part of the Forever Resorts family.  Keep sharing those experiences Warren!

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