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Five Ways to make a Houseboat Vacation More Affordable

So you’re preparing for your houseboat trip and all your fun is already being planned out ahead of time. From the water sports you’ll be enjoying, to just plain old chilling on the top deck of the houseboat, you’re looking to make this vacation a trip to remember. With any vacation, however, it's always a good idea to budget out your trip, so we want to give you a few tips to help make things a little more economical and easy going, just like your vacation will be. So dont sink the ship, here are some money saving tips!

Prep For Success

As much as you’re looking forward to the fun you’ll be having, you’re probably looking forward to all the great food you’ll be eating while on your trip as well. Rightly so, who doesn’t like enjoying a grand feast after working up an appetite out on the water? These feasts can also be made possible economically with some preparation. Prep and houseboat trips go hand in hand, so take the time to do this before your departure. Ingredients in bulk can be used for multiple recipes. Curb your snack attack with pre-sliced fruits such as apples, watermelons and oranges.  Also,  you know those creamer bottles you use to pour liquid deliciousness into your coffee? Save those and use those to store anything from sugar to cereal or other snacks. Check out this great Pinterest from Stock Piling Moms. DIY Container Ideas on Pintrest

Dry Ice Baby

What is this magic we speak of? Well, for starters, you don’t need a wand and some magic words to get ahold of this useful item. Check out your local department store or the marina for dry ice; It really comes in handy while on your trip and can prolong food storage as well. No one likes those constant trips to the to the marina store for plain old regular ice, so take advantage of the money saving powerhouse. Need some more info and tips about this useful tool? Check out this blog for all you need to know about dry ice. Dry Ice Storage

Let Off The Gas Pedal

Looking to get really serious with your savings? Save yourself the expense and time of making even more trips to the marina by keeping an eagles eye on that gas meter. Houseboats can store a lot of fuel, so consider these tips: If  you’re traveling a long distance in the lake, use only one of your houseboat motors instead of both. No need to use that extra fuel, the boat can only go so fast! Also, remember what your parents used to say about turning off the lights after leaving a room? Expand this wisdom to all the appliances on the houseboat utilizing the vessels circuit control board. You’ll cut the strain on the generator this way, so you can use that precious fuel for more important things. 
The Goldilocks Method

For the ultimate way to make your houseboat vacation more affordable, use the goldilocks method when choosing your vessel. Our bigger houseboats are all about luxury, but you won’t necessarily need all that extra space if it’s just you and a few of your buddies. Our smaller houseboats are just as capable and comparable to our bigger vessels in the fleet, and you’ll still be able to enjoy some “glamping” out on the water. Take a look at our marina websites for all our houseboat sizes and the amenities they offer to find one that’s just the right fit for you.
Show Me The Savings

Forever Resorts offers many discounts and savings throughout the year, providing you with even more affordability. Combine our discounts with our savings tips to plan the ultimate trip on a budget. Take a look at our houseboat Special Offers section call one of our reservations specialists today 800-255-5561 to inquire about our current specials. They love to talk! 

James Wolf
Houseboat Vacation Specialist
Forever Resorts


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